A Fool for Pinterest

I’ll admit it, I’m a pinning fool. And no, I am not getting paid to write this.

I’ve spent hours at a time on Pinterest perusing its endless visual fields of recipes, DIY projects, beauty tips, infographics, ideas for natural living, and countless other bits of inspiration in my quest towards wellness.

I’ve always been a fan of old-school, physical bulletin boards, and indeed nearly every room in my home has always had one. They’re great for tacking up useful reminders and notes, but also as self-contained frames of smaller artwork. Since I was young I’ve taken photographs, magazine material, good-looking card stock and flyers, stickers, even three-dimensional objects and made them into dynamic compositions. I re-arrange them periodically when the mood strikes. It makes for wall decor that not only adorns my space but also reflects the things I care about and who I am. And that they’re endlessly alterable means I don’t ever have to commit to staring at just one thing.

And then the internet came along. (Yes, little ones, I am old enough to pre-date the internet). The most beautiful thing about the web is its infinite information. Literally, it’s enormous and it grows exponentially every day. It’s true that it has a ton of garbage and it takes time and effort (or at least knowing where to look) to sift through and find the gems, but anyone who enjoys yard sales and vintage clothes shopping knows you can find amazing things amidst a lot of trash.

So when Pinterest came out, and my fondness for bulletin boards met my love of information-hunting an obsession was born. And indeed I have learned A LOT from materials and sources I’ve found via Pinterest.

But I will say this: the social nature of Pinterest is central to determining what kind of information you come across and, like in daily life, the quality of what you find depends on the caliber of the company you keep. If you make an effort to follow people and boards that post items of legitimate interest to you, you’ll curate a feed for yourself that ends up being informative and entertaining at the same time.

SO, what are you waiting for? Get to pinning already! And while you’re at it, check me out. 😉 (as if you didn’t know the shameless plug was coming…)

Happy pinning!

PS – there is plenty of spam and garbage on Pinterest too, especially as it continues to grow in popularity. I urge you to report spam and phishing when you see it and block abusive users to help keep our inspirational spaces clean and free from manipulative commerce.


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