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The Great Yoga Debate

You can call me a yoga nerd, but I think this 2010 debate on The Washington Post’s On Faith forum between Aseem Shukla, co-founder of the Hindu American Foundation, and Deepak Chopra, best-selling spiritual author, is fantastic. In it, two modern religious thinkers debate the heritage of yoga and its evolution away from its spiritual […]

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Why I’m In Love With Yoga…

There are so many reasons why I love yoga, but here’s my practice in a nutshell: The simple truth is that yoga grounds me. In an ever-changing and complicated world, yoga reinforces my foundation and strengthens my resolve to accept what is and stay in the present moment. Physically, it both invigorates and calms me. […]

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On Collective Wellness

I’m going to talk about wellness…a lot. And in many cases I’ll be referring to the commonly understood ideas of personal wellness – personal practices to improve physical health and mental ease, with the aim of fulfilling our human potential and optimizing our life experience. However none of us, not even a self-described hermit, live […]

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In Praise of Selfishness

You hear the phrase “self-care” a lot in the wellness world. From stress management, parenting tips, addiction treatment, strength training, or relationship counseling (and more), identifying and attending to your own needs is central to achieving your goals. Society teaches us as children that “selfish” is a dirty word, and so to many the idea […]

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The Pace of Your Path

Life’s journey is different for everyone, but with competition around every corner it takes work to resist comparing yourself to others. As children we hear the classic story of The Tortoise and The Hare, and learn that those who race through life don’t always win. But holding on to that message as we grow older […]

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