These are just some of my favorite resources for healthy living, nutrition, fitness, and personal development. This is just the tip of the iceberg…

Got any favorite blogs, websites, or links you want to share?

Let me know!


Wellness Mama: probably my favorite  wellness blog with tons of info on nutrition, clean living, recipes for healthy meals, and DIY homemade natural products. Katie (Wellness Mama, herself) has even developed an app and a book is in progress. Go Mama!

Elephant Journal: a guide to living “the mindful life”. With content on yoga, organics, eco-friendly fashion, progressive social causes, the arts and sustainability, this is one of my favorite places for tips on mindful and healthy living. Plus, everyone loves elephants!

Mind Body Green: a large magazine-style website with 35+ contributors devoted to wellness. A great connection to a variety of devoted voices in the wellness community. 

Yoga Journal:  the #1 magazine resource for Western yogis. Covering asana education, yoga philosophy, healthy living tips, articles by almost every celebrity teacher in modern yoga, free streaming yoga videos and much more.

Organic Beauty Talk: Their about page says it best: “dedicated to providing information on the best organic, natural, and eco-friendly products of the highest quality ingredients and materials…” With great editors and thorough product reviews, this site is a great resource in the quest for natural beauty.

GOOD: a wonderful online community and magazine dedicated to doing good everywhere and driving progress personally, locally, and globally! 

Tricycle: the website for the leading Buddhist journal in the West. A wonderful resource for staying mindful and honing your meditation practice. Become a paying member and get access to online video retreats, downloadable e-books, monthly films and more.

Pinterest: If you read my Pinterest post, you know I’m in love with this platform for finding and sorting wellness tips of all kinds, as well as anything else you like. Give yourself the gift of developing your personal interests, whatever they are! And don’t forget to Follow me on Pinterest!


Environmental Working Group (EWG): A truly invaluable resource for personal and environmental health research that provides people with clear information and guides to make informed purchasing decisions and often affects government  policy in the US. We owe much of what we know about pesticides and toxins to their amazing work. Thank you EWG!

The Cornucopia Institute: a wonderful non-profit research organization devoted to agricultural policy and the support of family-scale farming and sustainable practices. They provide much-needed information on organic and sustainable food-growing practices that help consumers, farmers, and the media in navigating the complicated agricultural landscape. 

EcoWatch: an innovative news service focusing on the work of more than 1,000 environmental grassroots organizations, activists, and  leaders. This website is a great alternative to mainstream media and reports important environmental stories seldom seen by network news outlets. 

Yoga Alliance: The non-profit association responsible that provides the registry for qualified yoga teachers, schools, and studios in the US. By defining the standards for education and certification, Yoga Alliance ensures that all of its RYT (Registered Yoga Teachers) are educated and well-prepared to teach the science of yoga. 

People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA): I’m a BIG fan of acupuncture and firmly believe in the community model. POCA is a multi-stakeholder cooperative uniting and supporting community acupuncture clinics across the nation. Supporting affordable healthcare and living wages, this is about more than the healing art of acupuncture, this is a healthcare movement.  Find a clinic near you and support the cause while improving your health. 


Dirty Dozen (& Clean Fifteen): Developed by the Environmental Working Group, this annual ranking is a recognized authority on pesticides and produce. The list, also available online, ranks the 12 most toxic fruits and vegetables and the corresponding “cleanest” fifteen. The app is a great tool while shopping to help you save money, a must-have in my opinion.  FREE

Fooducate: This product scanner provides a great in-hand resource while grocery shopping. The company behind this also put out a separate version of the app that highlight allergen & gluten content, and yet another focused on diabetes & carb management. It’s a great tool for your consumer toolbox to help you make informed choices. FREE + Premium versions

Seafood Watch: The Monterey Bay Aquarium launched this program to help businesses and consumers make informed decisions for healthy oceans. Their website, app, and pocket guides educate the public about marine conservation and current issues on the health and sustainability of fishing practices. They are a truly amazing resource for conscious consumers of seafood of all kinds and this app puts it all in your pocket. FREE.

Clean Plates: This app is connected to the Clean Plates website, restaurant guide, and cookbook, all of which focus on eating healthy, sustainable and tasty food.  I love being able to pull out my phone and see exactly what restaurants around me align with my organic, sustainable food focus. For now, the app is limited to NY and LA, but other urban areas are in the works… Eat clean! FREE.

My Fitness Pal: There are many food diary and fitness trackers apps to choose from but I’m a fan of this one. It’s got a huge customizable database of food entries (even from restaurants), tracks the nutrients and vitamins you’re trying to watch as well as calories, and integrates your exercise entries into your daily calorie profile. FREE

Skin Deep: COMING SOON – EWG, the makers of the Dirty Dozen, are hard at work on this app to help consumers learn about the toxins in skin products and make smart shopping decisions. EWG already puts out this app rating sunscreens, but Skin Deep will go beyond to rate cosmetics of all kinds. Scheduled for release in September 2013. Thank you EWG! FREE

Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone: If you’re gonna go to the stars, go with the best. With over 25 years experience, the famed Susan Miller puts out a robust app that offers daily horoscopes, lengthy monthly projections, relationship tools, and more. FREE + Premium versions

Samsara: a clean and customizable meditation timer. I use it everyday! FREE

Undo: another simple and attractive meditation timer, this one in the Japanese Zen style if you prefer to sit zazen. FREE